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About J&M Tank

The Most Trusted Dry Bulk Carrier in the Southeast

Founded in 1948, J&M Tank Lines is a family-owned company specializing in dry-bulk transport for over 75 years. We are headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, and have operations across the Southeast, allowing us to offer the best possible coverage and service to our customers. Why are we the most trusted Dry Bulk Carriers in the southeast?

Driven by Service. Powered by People.

We are a long-standing industry leader in safety and service, with an elite force of professional drivers and experts dedicated to ensuring the highest level of quality for our customers.

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Humble Beginnings

J&M Tank Lines, Inc. started in 1948 when the company founder, Jimmie McClinton, took out a loan of $125 from the People’s Bank in Selma, AL, moved his one truck from Selma to Montgomery, AL and put the legacy of J&M Tank Lines, Inc. into motion.  Until the mid-1960s, baled cotton was the main commodity transported by J&M Trucking.  The company eventually became the largest hauler of baled cotton in the United States.

In 1952, McClinton brought three partners into the business—Buck Jackson, Wingate Jackson, and Bill Jackson—and the trucking company grew steadily.  Harold A Sumerford Sr joined the operation in 1961 as bookkeeper and assistant manager, and in 1966 McClinton and Sumerford bought out the other partners.  Through the 1960’s J&M Trucking had grown its increasingly diversified operation to over 700 company-owned tractors and was posting roughly $40 million in annual gross revenues. The operation included flatbed, van, and tank trailers.

Liquid and dry bulk carriers activity had grown enough by 1979 that the tank division of J&M Transportation was established.  J&M Tank Lines was officially launched in 1980 and began operating with 60 trucks.  In 1995, J&M Tank Lines established a new division hauling liquid food grade commodities throughout the United States. Today, J&M Tank Lines operates approximately 450 tractors, 550 pneumatic dry bulk carriers, 50 tank trailers, a handful of flatbeds and vans dispersed among 15 terminals.  Regional hauls averaging 178 miles fleet-wide predominate, and most operations are conducted in the eastern half of the United States, with a primary focus on the Southeast and Gulf Coast.

Jimmie McClinton started out with $125 loan from the People’s Bank in Selma, AL

Today, J&M Tank Lines operates 450 tractors, 550 pneumatic dry bulk carriers, 50 tank trailers, a flatbeds and vans across 15 terminals.

What Makes Us Different?

We go the extra mile to ensure that our customer’s needs are not only satisfied but exceeded in expectation.

Our commitment to excellence has resulted in long-standing relationships with some of the largest companies in the world. We understand that each customer is unique which is why we tailor our services to meet your needs.

We Go the Extra Mile!

The J & M Tank Mission

J & M Tank Lines is your #1 choice for reliability, safety, and expertise in transport solutions.

Our success has been built on a commitment to safety and quality, which is why we provide every customer with a fleet of top-of-the-line vehicles, trained professional drivers, and state-of-the-art technology. We know that as your partner, we are responsible for your safety as well as your freight; it’s why we strive to go above and beyond your expectations every time you work with us.

Why J & M Tank

We are a family built on service, safety, and performance.

Our company was founded on the principles of hard work and dedication, which are still at the heart of our business today. We believe that by providing quality transportation services, we can help our customers succeed and grow their businesses—and we’re proud to say that this strategy has served us well over the years.

It’s our goal to not only provide safe transportation but also to ensure that each customer has an excellent experience with us every time they interact with us or one of our partners.

We are The Southeast’s first choice for dry bulk shipping.

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